They say keep your friends close, but keep your friends with houses in the Hamptons closer. I wish I could say that is the basis for my flourishing friendship with Caren Karpik of Bebe Chic Bedding. Honestly, it really developed naturally from hours spent on the phone reviewing orders and collaborating on designs. And now she is one of my closest friends & deepest confidant. #phonebuddies

Yet, I would have never thought an invitation for me & my hubby with our cute little baby girl would turn into a Mother in law, Sister in law & 2 more babies. But Caren & Henry welcomed us all with open arms. Their son Adam, claims, "It's tradition now." For the last 5 years, my family packs up the SUV with Thule on top & drives up to Quogue, NY to the "Hamptons." My eldest, Ever, will say "Summers are spent at Adam's house." It's become something we look forward to every year. It's so great to see the kids grow up together.

If you didn't know, I am a little Nerdy. And my current obsession is learning about American Architectural Styles.  So while swimming & beaching in the Hamptons, I was drooling over & studying all the beautiful Quogue homes. I just want to share a small sampling of a few houses I loved! Or could get out & take non-stalking pictures of:) 

 Seriously, my bedside Reading:)

Seriously, my bedside Reading:)

Dutch Colonial & Shingle Style Homes

Dutch Colonial is a style of domestic architecture, primarily characterized by gambrel roofs having curved eaves along the length of the house, many resembling a barn in construction.

The Shingle style is an American architectural style made popular in Newport, Rhode Island and the village of East Hampton on the southeastern tip of Long Island. Shingle-style houses often are colonial with use of shingles with single, large roofs, such as a gambrel or hip roof..

Beachy Modern

Beach Front Living

Caren, Here's to Next Summer!!!

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