When Nikki Herson Eberstein commented on a post of a pretty, feminine bedroom picture on Instagram, I had no idea what I would be a part of. "Ummmmm, I need this room for Jami STAT: You think you could “girl-up” her hospital bed? Upholster her headboard and make it look less clinical??????”  Of course I said yes! I would love to show a little love to a mom with more strength than I can imagine. And a little girl with the spirit of a FIGHTER.

Meet Jamison Rose

The most loving, friendliest, & full of life 6 year old. She is delightful, social, outgoing with a smile that melts hearts.

I actually helped Nikki design baby bedding when she was pregnant with Jami. At the time we had no idea that Jami would be born with Cockayne Syndrome.  A rare genetic disorder characterized by poor growth, microcephaly, progeria (premature aging), sensitivity to sunlight, moderate to profound developmental and neurological delays, and a shortened lifespan. Learn More.


We all take so many things for granted.  When I was asked if I could transform Jami's hospital bed into a something beautiful, bringing both Nikki & Jamison joy. I said that it would be my honor to do this. I knew I would need the right partner to help me bring this to fruition.  I called my girl Caren of Bebe chic. She is my go-to person for anything out of the box, complicated and in need of a little vision. She can figure anything and everything out. Together we would come up with  the best way to approach this project.

We decided to transform the bed into a “Daybed.” I love Daybeds! Caren came up with the idea of creating fitted slip-covers to go over both the head & footboard of the bed. The covers would have to stretch all the way to the ground to cover the wheels. This would mask the coldness of the bed and give it a fully upholstered look.  The beauty of a daybed is making it look like a big, soft sofa. We achieved this by having 3 Standard Pillow Shams against the length of the bed. Then we added my favs-- bolsters to each end to create cozy arms.  Bolsters always create a nice finished look.

Not compromising function was something we needed to keep in mind. We needed to make sure the nurses still had access to raise and lower the side rails.  So to make sure the front of the bed still maintained our sofa look, we decided to velcro a gathered skirt to the front of the bed. The skirt would not interfere with the rails & still allow them to hide necessary materials underneath required for her care.

Before & After

Making it Happen

Gaining Perspective

“Normalcy” I don’t even know if that is a word. But I think that is the thing I appreciate most about Nikki. She makes sure Jamison has the most “Normal” abled-body experience of any other child her age. She dresses her in the coolest & latest fashions. (check out her personalized leggings) Jami travels, she goes to school, she cheers & she plays with her brothers. Her mother gives her an overall rich experience in life. She does all this knowing her daughter's prognosis. She shares her life with Jamison online. #jamisonrose. She doesn’t hide! She educates. She exposes. She is documenting. She gives us perspective. Support Jamison's Butterfly bash on June 16th at Woodmont Country club.

I am aware I'm not curing cancer over here at Everly & Monet. I know that design, bedding & decorating is a privilege & not a necessity.  But a space can really affect your mood. Most of us can’t stand being in a messy space. (Even if we help create the mess) Yet having to sit in a space that feels more like a clinic, rather than a big girl room, would bring anyone down. Everyone’s mood is lifted & happier in a joyful space.

Being there with Jami's family when they opened the door to her new space was amazing. And Seeing Jami sitting on her bed brought tears of Joy to both myself & Caren. After over a decade in the business, we haven’t had the opportunity to “make a wish” come true in this way.  We are both moved to have played a role in her journey.

Jamison on her new bed for the 1st time, next to the pillow I monogramed for her as baby.

Jamison on her new bed for the 1st time, next to the pillow I monogramed for her as baby.