Strollers are one of the 1st things on a new moms list. If you have ever visited our store you will know I like to keep it very real & very simple. After over 10 years in the business & mom of 3 I've got some thoughts when it comes to the best ways to roll. 

#1. Know your lifestyle. 

Ask yourself, are you suburban or urban? Are you in & out of your car all day? OR Do you usually leave your house & walk to Starbucks, the grocery store? This is very important because it tells us what style of stroller you need.  

#2. Big Wheels or Small Wheels

If you have more of an urban lifestyle I would say you could handle a BIG WHEEL Stroller. A big wheel stroller normally has two large wheels in the back &  two small wheels in the front. If you have a BIG wheel stroller it is probably going to wheel a little smoother & take the rough streets of Georgetown better. But honestly, it is going to be heavy, bulkier & take up more room in your car. Eventually you will need to buy a second stroller for quick trips & travel.


In contrast, for someone who has a more suburban lifestyle, I would say SMALL WHEEL stroller. All 4 wheels are small.  This stroller is lighter and under 21 lbs. It is easier to take in & out of the car. It won't feel as overwhelming after you move from the infant car seat. You can travel with this stroller. It should be one & done.

#3 Do you Jog? 

No really, do you jog? If you or your partner really are joggers you will need a real jogging stroller.  Or if you are a little "Outdoorsy", often on unpaved roads, you may want to consider an all-terrain stroller. Any stroller will take a slightly quicker pace, however jogging strollers are ergonomically designed to take speed into consideration. They have hand breaks and a wheel that can be fixed.

All of the wheels on all-terrain strollers are generally larger to accommodate various surfaces. They can be taken off road. Going to Rock Creek Park or Great Falls, these strollers would give your baby & the driver the comfort desired.  

#4. On a Budget?

Yes, you can spend LOTS & LOTS of money on a stroller. But do we all really want to? If you don't want to break the bank here are two of my favorites. The Nuna Mixx is a great BIG WHEEL for $499. The Baby Jogger City Mini is a fantastic SMALL WHEEL stroller for $250. These are   the best bang for your buck. 

#5. 15 Months Apart

Again if you have ever been in the store, you have heard me say, "Don't plan your fertility around a stroller". Now we are all a little older these days. If you buy a stroller that will eventually grow to accommodate 2 kids, the kids need to be exactly 2 years or so apart for this to really work. A 3+ year old may or may not want to sit in a stroller all day. But you could be crazy like me & have two 15 months apart. Then I would say a double makes a lot of sense. It just may be a lot of stroller before you really need it.