The other day I was finishing up a consult with a new client and just as she was leaving she turned around & said she was amazed & surprised by our large selection. She didn't realize she'd be able to have someone help her navigate through this whole overwhelming baby process. I was glad she found us.

MOMS deserve to be pampered, even moms who do not want fussy or fancy find it easier and more simple at Everly & Monet than at the Pottery Barn and Buy Buy Baby.  In our studio, you can sit down with grandparents & husbands, have some coffee and candy and be provided with quarters for the meters, instead of a huge wall of nipples.

Who doesn't want to sit here & talk about their babies, big or small????

The Everly & Monet Experience is:


Depth of Selection

  • We carry over 50+ Brands

  • Custom Furniture & Bedding

  • Access to Designer Lines



  • 12 Years of & 1000+ Rooms Designed

  • Depth of knowledge

  • Mom of 3 (enough said)


Personal Service

  • Shop in a calm Environment

  • 1 on 1 Consultations

  • Staging with Installation 

  • Product Training

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Thank you so much for an incredible morning. Your insight, thoughtfulness, and knowledge was so helpful, comforting, and enjoyable." - A. Miller

"We were looking for fabric to convert my kindergartener’s nursery into a “big boy room.”  Looking for something kid-friendly – at a kid-friendly price point – proved harder than imagined but a trip to Everly & Monet led us to several perfect fabrics. Thanks Dana!" - Amanda

"You are just amazing! Thank you for your guidance and talented eye.  I enjoyed spending time brainstorming and really love the options we landed on....... And by the way, you did such a great job presenting our selections to my husband.  I was so impressed. You had it all summed up and packaged perfectly….THANK YOU! - W. Douglas

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