A room is not complete until there is something hanging on the walls

I am so thrilled to be out doing more installations in client’s homes of their furniture, bedding & window treatments.  It is so pretty to see it all come together. However, I am also realizing I want to leave them with beautiful art on their walls.  Finding the perfect art for your children's rooms isn't always easy but is essential to finishing up a space. So I hooked up with my girl Meredith Forte of Frame Avenue Designs. She is a master when it comes to designing Beautiful gallery walls.  A gallery wall is a  great option for children's rooms.

Choose Quality frames.

  • Framing is essentially furniture for your walls.

  • Choose White, Black, Silver or Gold frames.

  • The Art may Change but the Frame will remain.

  • Framing starts around $75

Choose Art Around A theme 

  • What will complement your design & highlight the colors & feel in the furniture & linens.

  • Look to your child's personality. What are they into right now? How can we represent them? Unicorns? Starwars? Little mermaid? Music? Golf?

  • Find different ways to represent the theme. Actual pictures, words, full color & white-out images & silhouettes.

  • Keep it fun & Simple. You don't need to spend a ton of money.

  • Budget around $900-$1,500 including (Frames & Art)

Choose 3D Art

You can always complement your gallery wall with additional art to add depth;

  • Add an Animal head or 2 

Fiona Walker Of England

  • Add a Letter, Make it Metallic

If you are interested building a gallery wall give Meredith a call