I remember the night before Daisy Baby & Mommies Too opened its doors for the 1st time -- Andrea's (The original owner & Founder) idea was finally coming to fruition. We would be a cute baby shop that sold adorable clothes with nurseries & childrens furniture. Every gift box would have a yellow duck on top. I had never been a part of building a business from the ground up & I knew this would be a special place. Yet I had no idea how many lives I would touch & how many would affect mine. 

Throughout the years I have helped so many new parents prepare for the arrival of their children. It has been a joy. I am so grateful to say I LOVE MY WORK!I The birth of a new baby is really such a special occasion. You would realize how much you can learn about someone while picking out cribs & bedding. But I get to share every moment with them. They may bring their parents (Grandpa too) & together we all spend hours together. When it is all said & done I feel I've joined the family.

But best part is when the babies come back. I love getting a chance to meet the little ones. Hold them in my arms while I ring up customers. Then let their mommy share their birth story with me. Throughout the years i have grabbed my camera & just snapped pictures of the moment when they come back to the store.

As the year comes to a close so does Daisy Baby. Starting in 2017 I will officially drop the daisy baby & soley be Everly & Monet. (Now the awning may not change as fast) I am so excited for this change. I am so excited for my own personal growth. I am so excited to consider myself a full fledge designer & take my passion to the next level. I can't wait to share exactly how these changes will roll out in my next post.

In the meantime I want to remember all the Daisy Babies I have ohh & awwed over.  You have to forgive me, there are a lot of pictures. But there have been a lot of families. Its funny I am often complimented on having an amazing memory. I don't know if that is exactly true, but i do remember each & every one of my clients. I may not immeditatly recall a name, but I can tell you exactly what you bought & how we pulled the nursery together.  

I am also happy to share these pictures because they are not professional, they are not, edited or staged. In the world of instagram where all parents look perfect, that isn't the real world. These pix's capture real parents just trying to figure this whole new baby thing out. Babies in their infants seats, stroller or in parents arms. Mothers in there pre-lululemon sweats. No one is polished, just parents.  These folks just dropped by to say hi and continue to share their world with me. I'm honored & happy you let me post.