Dana Evans interior Designer Everly & Monet
Dana Evans interior Designer everly & monet

Hi. I'm Dana. 
Owner of Everly & Monet | A division of Daisy Baby & Kids located in Bethesda, MD. 
Mother of 3
And lover of pillows and piping.

I am so lucky to do what I love everyday! After 10 Years of running Daisy Baby servicing the DC Metro area in top Gift, Gear, Bedding & Furniture I am excited to focus on my favorite aspects of the business. The Design!! Everly & Monet is all about bringing your inspirations for your little ones to life. Come in and join me on the next part of our journey.

Dana Evans is the heart and soul of Everly & Monet. Hailing from California, Dana arrived in DC in 2003 in flip flops and a tank top looking for a new life. Having traded-in LA traffic and smog for the "greener" DC metro system she was ready to transform herself into a true city girl. A UCLA poli sci major with grad school ambitions, Dana took time to explore the boutique scene. After falling in love with a cute Adams Morgan clothing boutique that reminded her of home, Daisy, and meeting its fabulous owners Andrea and Fabiana, Dana's eyes were opened to the creative and energetic world of entreprenurialship. And she was hooked.