The newest introductions in crib bedding is the railguard. I love them. Railguards are decorative covers for the rails of your cribs. They serve may different functions:

  • Protect the crib - So now with convertible cribs becoming such a staple in the marketplace in client homes. The idea is that Little Jr.'s crib will one day be his big boy bed. In order to make that happen, the front rail will one day become the footboard of the bed. Well if this is supposed to become the footboard of a bed, it's important to keep it looking GOOD! And you can't do that if Jr. EATS it. Yes, I know it will never be your kid. But it sure is a lot of my clients' kids. They just teethe and eat the cribs. The railguard will prevent seeing bite marks at age 7!

Custom  Pine Creek Scalloped Railguard with Ruffle & Wider Pointed Ties

  • Prevent scratches - So you know that really cool Hermes "H" belt you rock from time to time. On many 5'2" ish mommies, it hits so nicely right at the front rail of a crib. Again causes scratches, dents, chipped paint. The railguard can protect both of your investments. (One being the crib)

Custom Bebe Chic Railguard with Center Patch

  • Add a little Color & Flavor - I know we don't need all the accoutrements of yester-year adorning the crib. But my goodness people let's get our kids out of wood boxes! A little color, fabric, texture and design is needed in the crib. Railguards bring us back to beauty of your baby sleep space. With the exit of my beloved bumper, lets give the cribs a little bit of life & warmth again. 

New Arrivals Harper Railguard