When our 1st child was born we lived in a one bedroom 675sq. condo. So I know about small spaces. Good things babies arrive small. But you really have to be very smart with planning your space. Its important that you purchase furniture that will be the right scale for your home, as well as meet your needs. Here are some of our favorites:

Stokke Sleepi

  • Think outside the box. I'm a huge fan of the Stokke sleepi. And I'm not just saying that because I have 2 of them in my house right now. I've always loved the modern Scandinavian design of this crib. But it came in real handy when we put it next to our bed in that one bedroom condo. Because this crib doesn't have any corners it can easily squeeze into one. Although just 5" smaller all around than a regular crib. It can really open up a space allowing you to have room for other crucial pieces.

Million Dollar Baby Liberty Crib / Oeuf Sparrow Crib

  • Modern & Square- One good thing about the introduction of modern cribs into the market place is they are small & sleek. They are basically the size of the mattress, without a lot of fuss in width or height.  With so many convertible cribs leading the market place, many can be big big & bulky. The simplicity of the Oeuf Sparrow gives you everything you need.

  • Classic & Square- Okay, well we are all not super modern folks, so the Liberty crib from Million Dollar Baby gives us more of a traditional look with vintage charm. Again, because the crib is basically the size of the mattress it's not overwhelming. This Jenny Lind style with open bars on all sides, really allows for a airy feel in the space.

Monte Designs Joya Rocker/ Little Castle Mesa Glider 

  • Every inch matters- So when choosing a glider the width has to be taken into consideration. The Monte Joya rocker is only 25" wide yet you will not lose an inch of comfort or style. You can squeeze this beautiful gem in the smallest of spaces. 
  • Comfy & compact- Coming in at slim 27",  the Little Castle Mesa glider has it all. A more traditional glider with or with a skirt will compliment many spaces.  On a swivel base you can sit it right in the middle of the room & still maneuver in the space. 

Spot Square 3 Drawer Dresser / Newport Cottage Hillary Dresser

  • Just room for the pad. That is the changing pad on top. Coming in at a super small 34" the spot on square eicho dresser is the perfect changing station. It doesn't get much smaller then this. Small wall? Small cut out corner? This dresser is perfect fit. Many wonder "Where will I put my diapers?" In a dresser of this size, you should divide the top drawer in half making space, for your diapers & wipes on the other side you will  have plenty of room for  Onezies & burp clothes.
  • Maximize inches- If you can gain one or two inches. Moving up in size to 40" can give you a little bit more room without taking over the space. There are not as many dressers in the more classic styling that come in under 47" The Newport Cottage Hillary dresser gives you that lovely louis the 14th feel with caning & crystal knobs, while getting the job done. 

Stokke Steps Bouncer

  1. Can this thing fold?? Now I love the latest & greatest in gear, like the next new mom. But who's got room for all this stuff? When space is an issue you can't have Big & Bulky Play items for the baby. You need to know, can you fold it up? Can you hide it under a bed or in beside the couch? The Stokke Bouncer is neat not only because it does fold up, but more importantly it can be used in conjunction with your future highchair.  In the beginning its portable to easily move from room to room. It also has the ability to raise it up to parent level for family mealtimes & bonding.