This year I turn 40 years old (I can't wait). A friend said today, "You must be so happy with all the success that you have achieved before 40." Its funny, when you work for yourself you don't see the success. You see the good days and the bad. You see the grind, the hard work, but most of all you feel your passion.  

I had so much fun introducing you to a few girl bosses of Bethesda last fall. I'm lucky to have so many amazing entrepreneurial women in my life. It was so cool to be able to highlight these fabulous ladies; I couldn't wait to introduce you to a few more. 

If you missed the 1st blog: check it out here


So you think you need a new family photo?

Meet Kyung Jung of Yellowhale Photography

Kyung, internationally known and award winning children's photographer, combines her artistic eye and technical mastery to create compelling images to last a lifetime. Her passion for photography was first ignited as she transformed her son's ordinary expressions into extraordinary moments. She captures the same energy, creativity and beauty in all of the children she photographs. Kyung possesses the rare ability to transform the simplest moments into unique works of art for families to treasure for generations to come. Check her out.

So you think you want to throw a party?

Meet Tracy Bloom of Creative Parties

Tracy Bloom Schwartz is the second generation owner of Creative Parties in downtown Bethesda. Since 1968 Creative Parties has been the leader in custom invitation designs and special events in the greater Washington area. Be it weddings, mitzvahs,  corporate events, birth announcements, or birthdays, Tracy & her team of Consultants make your celebration memorable and easy. She wants Creative Parties to be the place for you to come to for all the special moments for you and your family.  Check her out.

So you think you need a baby gift?

Meet Ashley Kundanmal of Wee BOOTIES

Ashley began cultivating an appreciation for handmade items growing up watching her grandmother sew and embroider beautiful cocktail dresses. In 2015 she started Wee Booties a line of handmade stylish and practical baby booties made in the USA using high quality, ethically sourced yarn. Wee BOOTIES employs crocheters from rural parts of the country and engages women in the American economy. Ashley is excited about how this business can boost women's self confidence and worth while supporting themselves and their families. Check her out.

So you think you're stuck in Mom Jeans?

Meet Lani Inlander of Real Life Style

Lani Inlander is a personal stylist who has been helping clients look and feel their best for 15 years. If you need to pull a complete wardrobe together fast, you can trust the style consultants at Real Life Style to get the job done and hold your hand through the process. They can give you a fashion makeover quickly and painlessly. Lani's fashion expertise has been featured in In StyleNew York MagazineThe Washington Post and Washingtonian. Lani is deeply passionate about empowering clients through fashion and helping them find clothing and accessories that fit their figures, suit their style, and boost their confidence.  Check her out.

So you think you need original art?

Meet Jordann Wine 

Jordann's drawings and paintings are inspired by a fascination with sacred geometry and the natural beauty of the planet. Traveling extensively around the globe,  she has had many opportunities to observe and reflect on the patterns, colors, and movement of light that make up our diverse world.  Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally, as well as purchased for private collections. She is known for a playful use of glitter and geometric shapes capturing her imagination. Check her out

So you think your living room needs a lift? 

Meet Laurie McParland

Laurie McParland brings over 25 years of design experience to every project. Whether renovating an entire house or a single room, her designs are tailored to meet each individual client’s needs. She works with her clients every step of the way to make their home a beautiful and comfortable place to live, and one that looks like it was collected over a lifetime and not thrown together in one day. Her designs not only meet her clients needs, but exceed their expectations. Check her out.

Dana Evans of Everly & Monet