It all started when Ever arrived. I already had been helping moms & moms-to-be since 2005, way before I became a mother.  I already loved being a designer with little ones in mind, but I didn’t know what it actually took to bring a new life into the world.

Then in 2011, my entire life changed when Ever Monet was born.  You all may not know that I delivered two of my three babies at home on my bed.  A natural birth was very important to me, so I worked with MAMAS midwifery group in Takoma Park to have the birth experience I desired. Twenty-one hours later I truly understood why they call it labor (It's not for everyone, but I can always talk the nitty gritty of home birth if interested).

The Birth

Up until Ever was born, I had no idea of what my clients were going through--how much it takes to bring a new life into the world and how much it takes to be a mom. With my new baby in my arms, I was now able to truly relate to my customers at another level. It immediately made me look at all the products I offered with a different perspective and enabled me to curate the best and most useful items for parents. 

Because my work is an extension of me & my motherhood, choosing the name “Everly & Monet" was a natural evolution of my business & families growth. I decided to add the “LY” to make it sound a little more lyrical.  Monet is not only Ever’s middle name but also my middle name. The ampersand is symbolic of the connection between mother & child.  (So, of course, once Winter & Ford realize what I have done, I will have to open business #2 & #3)

I Love what I do!

So in reality Everly & Monet is my 4th child.  I really do “Love what I do”.  I look forward to coming to work every day.  My passion is creating a beautiful space to celebrate the joy of new beginnings & growth for families with children. The care I give to my children is the care I want to extend to you. My hope is that you will trust in me to provide excellent customer service and love. For those of you who have worked with me, I hope that you loved what we created (if you didn't, please leave a comment, you know I can always improve). I cannot wait for you to experience what I have to offer.

Have a wonderful Mother’s Day.

The Evans-Jones Kid's in their 2nd Home