The Design Process

From Consultation, to Design, to a Completed Space?

What happens when you make an appointment to sit down with me in studio?  How does my thought process work in conjunction with your thought process? Then, how does it all come together, to create an amazing room?  A perfect example of this collaboration has to be with our clients Kimberly and Demek Adams. Now they really came prepared to work on their nursery for their baby girl Kerrington Rose.

When coming prepared for a consult, it never hurts to be a little Type A. In all of my years, I have never had anyone show up with a PowerPoint presentation in hand. Yes, printed out with enough copies for everyone. And I must say, I absolutely loved every minute of it! I loved it because she took the time to really think about her design. She did her research and came to the studio prepared.

Putting it all in a PowerPoint presentation allowed her to get everything on paper. It was very methodical & organized.  Honestly, it made my job so much easier.  I was able to immediately get down to work interpreting their wants & needs. It's funny because I didn’t ask her to do this. She took my 5 minute pre-consult phone call to the next level. It truly was so perfectly done that I her PowerPoint presentation has become the model for the Everly & Monet consultation process. 


What Do You Really Want?

What's your Style? How do you want it to feel? What are your must have's?

What's your Inspiration?

Kim gathered all the images she liked together. Your favorites pix's may be saved in Pinterest? Or they may be screenshots stored in your phone? Or perhaps "old school style" torn magazine pages? (Oh the days of the 3 ring inspiration binders!) When I looked at this PowerPoint or anyone’s pinterest boards, sometimes the looks aren’t congruent and may convey completely different styles. You got Modern, Traditional and a little Glam. My job is to figure out what you really are attracted to in the space you selected. What is the common thread I see woven between these pictures?

The Before

My design consultations now include an initial meeting in your home. Spending an hour in the room is most ideal! But of course we can just meet in studio. Regadless, photos are so crucial. Kim took pictures of the room in its current state. Being able to see the room gives me a better idea of the space. I need to see the projections of the walls.  I want to account for the small details. Are the windows centered? How many blank walls do we really have?  How much light comes into the room? Then she completed the before with a floor plan of the room.

The After

When it was all said and done, the space really came together. We choose Newport Cottage Beverly Furniture collection to give her the look she wanted. The tufted gold crib is just glamorous enough without going over the top. The bedding by bebe chic & Pine Creek are rich & luxurious. We were able to to mix colors & texture to create the warm and cozy feel she desired.  

Newport Cottages Beverly 4 Drawer Dresser w/ Silver Hardware with Beverly upholstered Crib in Antique Silver

Nursery Reveal