Earlier this year I made the final decision to change the name of my business to Everly & Monet and started to charge a dedicated fee for my design services. I'll be honest, it was pretty freaking scary to step and start charging clients for my time. Of course I’ve  been doing design all these years, but charging was taking it to the next level. And I’ve always had a lot of fear around that. Would people actually want to hire me?

Well I have been pleasantly surprised that they do want & need my services! And I have worked with the most awesome clients this spring. Today I want to feature one of those clients. I just love how the process has gone. I love the forethought and the preparation the clients put in before we sit down for their 1st appointment. So when they arrive, we just get to work! Then I love the focus I can give to them throughout the order process. I can drop what I'm doing and dedicate myself fully to work on their projects. I love the fact that they have my cell phone number and can contact me directly with questions as they think of them.

The Inspiration

In our design prep process my client "Sara" shared her inspirations. She actually brought me the Pottery Barn catalog and the Graham collection. When I saw it I was like wow this is a knock off of the Newport Cottages Devon collection. I couldn’t wait to offer her their collection because I could deliver the same look with better quality, more options and something that she would really take pride in having over time.  And best of all it is made in the US with real wood!

Sara did not want to find out the gender of the baby. So it was fun to design a gender neutral space. Today gender-neutral is no longer yellow and green. Now aqua, mint, grays and blacks are popular.  So I knew that we could take this in a really sweet direction whether the baby turned out to be a boy or a girl.

It was a Baby Girl!

Well it was a baby girl! So guess who was right at the house with grandma & sister prepping the nursery before mom & baby arrived home. I wanted to hand deliver the bedding & dress the crib. (You wouldn't believe how much I actually love tying bows.) It's really important to me that my clients feel like individuals and that I give my clients a really personal touch.  Its one of the many things I can do better than Amazon! 



It’s also good to see things in person. I really love the way the whole room came together. She did indeed go with the Newport Cottage Devon Collection w/ the Casey crib in the sandstone wood-grain stain two toned with Vanilla Bean.  Then we choose the Monte Como glider in their Sand linen fabric to match.  Both of these colors are great because they are a mix of oatmeal with white undertones and even sometimes a little bit gray-ish.

Newport Cottage Devon Collection 

Monte Design Como Glider

The whole room was brought together with custom Bebe Chic bedding. The fabrics really set the tone for room. I think it makes the room so much richer and textured. The lovely new margarita fabric in mint has such great color variations. It all came together so beautifully!

Bebe Chic Bedding