STYLING……. is artfully arranging decorative elements within a space. Creatively pulling together artwork, picture frames, books and accessories to highlight areas within your home.

Setting The Tone

Every detail matters when putting the final touches on a project. The beautiful built-ins really are the focal point of my clients, Danielle Conley & Aaron Stallworth's formal living room. Danielle & Aaron have an amazing eye and aren’t afraid to take risks in design. They were looking to turn this space into a modern day Speakeasy. Their new home is ready to welcome friends & family, perhaps with a little cognac & a cuban cigar. Okay, maybe not the cuban cigar, but you get the point. They wanted the room to have a cool vibe, set by the rich wall color & bold wallpaper. Mission accomplished!

From Empty To Full

When I approach any styling project, I can already see where I want it to go in my head. It’s all about balance, color, angles mixed with a little symmetry. I constantly have to remind myself, “that less is more”

Best Keep Secret

Books, Books more Books!! Bookshelves are made for books. So don’t be afraid to arrange them in unexpected ways. Use themes, color blocking, stacked up & stacked sideways. Just use books. When choosing the right ones, I always think about representing my clients. What stories can be told by the books in their collections. My hope is to reflect them through my styling choices.

Making Magic

When I prepare to style, I create a big ole “Dana Mess.” Depending on the project, I may order my accessories through my vender partners. Or at other times, I put the kids to bed and head out to my local Target & Homegoods. With a very precise themes in mind, I select accordingly. Then I lay it all out & work my magic. That is magic that manifests over a few hours:)

The Room

If you would like me to style a space in your home? Email me ,Yes Help Me Dana! Leave your best number and I will give you a ring back in 24 to 48 hours to discuss.

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