Why Dana Loves Monte Design.

These days it’s not hard to see modern kid furniture , but back when we started in 2005 there was NOTHING. And what came to market was not so great. When Monte came on the scene it just exploded. They created a chair that was well made, good looking & comfortable. It gave clients modern aesthetic options.  And because many of them are small scale , it gave clients with tiny spaces options too.  I love that they are a small company making furniture of solid wood, high end fabrics & made in Canada. SHOP MONTE DESIGNS NOW

Why Dana Loves Bebe Chic

Bedding is still the heart of the nursery & in any bedroom. I love custom designed linens. And Caren of Bebe Chic is the best in the business. Not only is she one of my closest friends but because she goes above & beyond to make sure we get it right. As she says there are no rules in custom. Everything is made to order. Her fabric collection is extensive & if she doesn’t have it she will find it.  From Duvets to Railguards she can create the perfect piece.

Why Dana Loves Surya

Rugs are hard. There are just so many rugs out there. Where to start? What to choose?  I love Surya because they have such a large variety to choose from. If your style is modern, classic or boho chic they have something for you. All of their rugs are made from high quality materials from wool, polyester to my favorite viscose.  Their rugs come in several different price points for all types of budgets. This really allows me to match back to my clients bedding & furniture.

Why Dana Loves Natart

This is a Canadian company that has been in the baby game a long time. And they are still making beautiful hand crafted furniture of solid wood. They have great designs to choose from. If you want something a little bit more classic & ornate they’ve got it for you. Or if you want something a little bit more rustic or farm-like they have something for you. Their cribs are meant to grow with you & last a lifetime. SHOP NATART NOW


Why Dana Loves Legacy Classic Kids

Every little boutique studio like mine needs a “pottery barn-like” line. This is a company that gives me lots of different varieties and collections with a large range of price points.  All of these options allow me to speak to a variety of clients.  Legacy furniture is simple class Americana with fresh flavors. They are an excellent line for big kids. Need bunkbeds, daybeds, desks, vanities & bookcases – this is the line to consider.

Why Dana Loves Oeuf

These days we take modern design for granted, but years ago when Gwyneth Paltrow was pregnant with Apple, there weren’t any modern furniture lines. Oeuf was one of the original four companies to create modern furniture for children.  Oeuf is clean and sophisticated and minimalistic, but high quality and made in Europe.  It is still my go to modern line for Nursery & big kid rooms too. SHOP OEUF HERE

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