It’s All About Wallpaper

So it’s all about wallpaper these days. WALLPAPER, WALLPAPER, WALLPAPER Why? Because it’s just that fabulous. So many amazing choices out there. Textures…… Glitter….. Florals….. Geometrics…… Bold….. Subtle……. There is something for everyone. 

I’ll be honest with you, wallpaper is an investment. Thus, It must be done right. Hiring a professional hanger is a must. I turn to Ralph Porter for all my projects. Trained at a real wallpapering school & apprenticing with experts he has become the best at what he does. His meticulous attention to detail. He perfectly lines up stripes, geometric shapes and even a row of elephants. For example, notice the way he perfectly covers the light switch. I am always mesmerized watching him work. 

Kelly’s Animal Kingdom

When Sarah Carr came to me days before delivery with her 3rd, she was ready to go big & bold. (Only a seasoned mom could be so calm:) When we looked at the Marley & Malek elephant wallpaper we knew it was it!! She didn’t even bat an eye when we decided to do all 4 walls. It came out so magnificent. 

The Perfect Powder Room

Bathrooms are great rooms for wallpaper. It's a smaller space so anything you do is really going to make a big impact. This is the place to take chances. Go a lil wild. Do something unexpected.

That is exactly what my friend Holli Rivera of Intentional Philanthropy did when she completely remolded her humble home into a spectacular craftsman. When she saw this Queen of Spain paper from Schumacher, she had to have it. It was the right balance for her HOT PINK vanity!!

I love me some Phillip Jefferies; known for grasscloths, natural fibers, and custom options. I just can’t stand it!! So I was all in when Puja Parakh decided to use it in her Powder Room. Seeing each individual weave of the subtle grey tones really bring warmth & beauty to the space. It really brings it all together.

Glitter & Gold

Never Be afraid of a little Bling. The Conley-Stallworth’s know exactly where to embrace the Glitter. You see it subtly in their marble & gold bathroom and again in their Formal Dining Room.

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!!

Girls just wanna Have Fun! As they should. So why not go over the top & give them that extra POW they deserve. Little Lea, her Moms Stacy Metro & Jami Kemp said it was all about Color and Whimsy, with just a little bit of Sophistication. From the look on Lea’s Face. I think we have a winner!

After 4 Kids, 4 rooms, & 4 of my best designs, my girl Betsy Bensten was ready to give little #5 that extra WOW factor. Always one for being ahead of the trend and fashion-forward, she is always game for anything Dana has up her sleeve and this Flamingo wallpaper from Cole & Sons was EVERYTHING. Delicate, Feminine, Striking & Elegant all on one sheet. Now all on every wall. A little paradise for our little Bella.

As busy moms this may really get your wheels spinning, but also feel really overwhelming. Let me help. I have a gift for listening to what you want and need. Then I will translate that into a design that really works for your and family. If there is a room in your house that is ready for a little WOW, email me and say “Yes, Help Me Dana! Leave your best number and I will give you a ring back in 24 to 48 hours to discuss.

Dana Evans of Everly and Monet interior designer

Hi I’m Dana,

I’m a full service Interior Designer, with a specialty in designing cohesive, well styled, realistic spaces for busy moms who want to bring beauty into their homes. As a mom of 3, I know how much you give your families everyday. You deserve a home that delivers a sense of calm and sanctuary at the end of the day.

I’d love to give that to you! Let’s schedule a quick 20 minute chat to discuss your needs EMAIL ME!

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