Daisy Baby & Kids at night

I posted a picture on instagram the other night and was so surprised at the number of "Likes" i received.. I couldn't understand why this little picture spoke to so many people. I stopped to take the picture of the front of the store as I was leaving after a long day and a big floor move. 

I think the picture spoke a thousand words. It somehow relayed everything I feel about my store. Somehow this image spoke to the hard work I put into it day after day. Being a small business owner in todays market has its up's & downs. However, it gives me pleasure to serve my clients and be a part of their journey. I LOVE what I do!

In addition, I also think the picture conveyed the warmth and comfort a lovely space can bring you. A beautiful room can bring one calm and serenity. The spaces that create our homes are important. I love being able to share my gift with others to add to the feeling of peace.

That is why I am so pleased to introduce Everly & Monet. After 10 years of running this fabulous boutique I finally get focus on my favorite aspects of the business. The DESIGN. The FABRICS. The COLORS. The DETAILS. Everly & Monet isn't anything new, its just expanding on what I already do. I'm giving my clients options and choices to customize the items in their spaces exactly how they want it.