I LOVE fabrics. I could play with them all day. At Everly & Monet we create custom bedding sets for our clients' nurseries & big kid rooms. I have hundreds of rings of fabrics. When a client comes in, I help them narrow down all of these wonderful choices & come up with a design that is all their own. Here is a just a sampling of some of my recent work. 

It's all about Navy & Grey!

My favorite choices right now for little boys are Navy & Grey. There is just so many ways to take this color combination. It is so sweet, yet still masculine. Together they create a very handsome space. And it doesn't have to be nautical.

Calm & Serene

I like to call this the spa effect. So many clients are asking for calm & serene nurseries. This palette is filled with soft pastel colors, but anchored by hints of grey. I often use my favorite Aqua's or Mint's to give us that water effect. I also search for my palest pink to just give a hint of a baby girl. Either way, it's a great space for mom to relax & be with baby. 

A lil Shabby Chic

Oh shabby chic, how I have missed you. Our Daisy brand was built on the shabby chic principals. But in recent years this style has fallen out of vogue. Yet now it is making a HUGE comeback. This time it's a little different. We see it mixed with more modern furniture & a heavy focus on the florals. You really are seeing the florals in the fabrics, but even more on the walls. I can't get enough.