Yes, we sale beds:

Great beds!  Cool beds!  On trend beds!  Timeless beds!  Custom beds!  Colorful beds!  Upholstered beds!  Quality beds

Of course nursery is normally where many of you start with Everly & Monet. But we want to grow with your family. We have been working really hard to give our clients more than page 12 in the Pottery Barn catalogue. Let us make your next room rock.

There are so many cool things happening in children's designs these days and we are happy to be a part of it. I love the fact that there isn't just one trend or one style that is dominating. I also love that the spaces for girls as well as boys can be just as fabulous.  But most importantly, it grows with your little ones.


Modern & Minimal

There used to be a time where a wooden 4 post bed was all you had as an option. Now there are so many cool modern & sleek options.

Upholstered & Unique

I am obsessed with upholstered beds right now. They are so rich & chic. I love it for my kids room & I love it for my room. It probably has a lot to do with the wealth of fabrics at our fingertips to really make the bed your own.

Bunked & Beautiful

So this one is personal. I am in the process of choosing bunkbeds for my 5 & 3 year olds. These aren't your father's bunkbeds. There are  lots of new and cool  options now with different configurations to fit your space.

Daybed & Divine

Daybeds are a great choice for our DC, Bethesda, Arlington houses. You can maximize the space without compromising the style. What kid doesn't want a couch in their bedroom? I love to set them up with 3 Big pillows in the back & 2 bolsters along the sides with  a couple of accent pillows thrown in front. 

Washed & Wooden

The washed reclaimed wood look is so fresh. I love it in a beach look or in a natural & serene style. Seeing the woodgrains in the finish really let the textures shine. It adds depth to the piece of furniture.