Although, I am in the nursery business, I am aware that this is a temporary space. Yes, in less than 3 years you will need to do this all over again. So how much do you need to invest in this space? Even more importantly, how can you invest wisely? Invest in a nursery that can really grow with your child?  If we plan smart upfront, we can design a nursery with a few key features that will nicely transition from baby to big kid.

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#1. Lets Start with the CRIB

When buying a crib there are 2 routes you can take.

A Convertible crib: (that will also turn into a toddler bed, and eventually turn into a full-size bed)  The idea that this crib is going to be this kid’s bed until they are around 10 years old or go to college!

A traditional Standard crib: (that will convert to toddler bed with the same crib mattress) With a traditional crib you are focusing on just nursery needs. Pick the really cute crib you love & enjoy it for as long as there are babies in your life. Then when you are done let it go, pass it on to a friend or sell it on craigslist.

Exploring the convertible route 

If you don't want to see me in 3 years for a bed, put your money toward longevity in a crib. I must say that when convertible cribs first came on the market, I wasn’t the biggest fan. They were very bulky, heavy and most of the time they didn't really make for the cutest beds. But in recent years convertible cribs have really improved. The headboards are now designed to resemble beds you would actually buy as a bed. Many companies like Newport Cottages & Natart have added cool features like low footboards & upholstered headboards. If you are going to invest in a convertible crib & all the accoutrements that go with it i.e. toddler rail & conversion rails, make sure you really LOVE it as a bed. 

#2 Picking the right dresser

To be honest, I would spend more money on the dresser than I would spend on the crib. The dresser is going to be used as a changing station in the beginning but long-term this is just a real piece of beautiful furniture. Again, buy a dresser that is going to be a dresser that you are going to always love in the space.  A dresser that will coordinate nicely with any future bed. The dresser should be the largest that can fit without overwhelming the space.  The drawers should be deep, the glides should move beautifully & the construction should be solid, with the ability to take a licking & keep on ticking.

#3. Buy your nightstands now

You are going to need a little table next to your glider. So instead of buying a small side table, invest those dollars into the nightstand that you will eventually place next to the bed. It may be a little big in the beginning but we are thinking more long-term for this piece.

#4. May you always glide

I love my glider. Personally, I love the constant motion, with or without a baby. The great thing about the glider is that it can easily become additional seating in a big kid room. If you think about bedroom design, you normally have a little seating area. It’s nice to have other places that you can sit besides the bed.  Don’t move that chair to the dining room, and don’t move it to the den, just leave it in the kids room as another seating option. Nowadays gliders are really good looking comfortable chairs. So spend a little bit more money on a quality chair that can always stay in the kid’s room.

#5 Choosing a color scheme

So when choosing a color scheme for your nursery, pick colors that will transition well into a big kid phase. I want to make sure that the colors that we choose will also look good when the kid is older, so for example light blue and navy for a little boy.  I want to make sure that we put the permanent pieces (for example a window treatment & rugs) in navy instead of the light blue. Thus, these pieces can transition nicely & not look too baby. 

Last Thought.............

Over the years I have realized that there are about 3 major kid décor phases.  I have realized that there are about 3 major kid décor phases. The nursery from 0-3 years old. I think the next big transition for your room is when the kid is about eight’ish years old. At that age they are probably going to start having some ideas about what they want their bedroom space to be.  Then you can think about transitioning again when the kid is about 15 years old.  So, the nursery phase is to be thoroughly enjoyed now. Come back to me later:)

Franklin & Ben Nelson