Well y'all it's finally here. I've been hinting for awhile that we would be making changes to the store. So l now say goodbye to Daisy Baby as we knew for the last eleven years, a baby boutique full of gifts & clothes. We now welcome Everly & Monet, a Children's Design Studio full of fabric samples & wood chips. But more importantly, a comprehensive menu of design services

Over the past year, I've been in more clients homes than ever before. I've done more complete design plans than ever before, as well as working with clients as far away as California & up north in New Jersey and in NYC. My calendar is booked with appointments & people are getting a more personalized use of my time. Oh & I’m loving it & they are too!

Now I promise I haven't gotten a big head or anything just crafting my art in a better way to meet my clients needs. So what's really changing? Dana is by appointment only. I still want you to drop by and say hi and the door is still open to buy furniture without design assistance. HOWEVER,  if you need to get work done or want advice regarding a quick fabric for a this or a that, you will need to make an appointment. Also, certain services will now have a fee associated with it.   (Check out below)

 When you work with us, you will have the best well - edited selection for the perfect kid space.  And if the lines I represent can't meet your needs, then we can look elsewhere & incorporate it into your design.

I'm an interior designer. Wow, it's something I've always been, but never said out loud. This is the year to claim it!

Oh yeah, what about gear? We still have it. We have the best selection but we are solely focusing on our gift registries.  Strollers and gear are available to view in the store but can only be purchased if they are included as part of your gift registry or as part of your design consult. This is all a work in progress, so have patience as we grow & make this wonderful change. Please continue to join me on this journey.