Throughout the years there have always been the clients who were the absolute best gift givers. Really incredible women, who didn’t have babies yet, but stopped everything to make sure they celebrated the birth of someone else’s. They would come to the shop to pick up a little something the moment their friend peed on a stick. Then they would come see me again for a really big something for the baby shower & Then again for just 1 more thing when visiting the hospital.

And for clients like that , I really hoped that the moment that they got pregnant somebody would lavish them with all the gifts they had lavished on other people throughout the years. Well one of my many clients like that was Allison Cohn of Cohn Counseling, here in Bethesda.

She has always supported my little shop. And maybe it's because her father owned a little retail store in Bethesda also. Martin Rishty owned Zyzyx in Wildwood plaza.  Many people loved his store. So perhaps because she grew watching her dad grow a small business , she really understands how important it is to patronize local stores. So I was so excited when her son Mason was born. 


For Allison we keep things very simple & classic. We started off with furniture pieces from Franklin & Ben's Oliver collection. The color has just a hint of grey which worked so well with many different elements. A comfy chair was super important. And that is where the Belmont from Little Castle came in. It is the perfect transitional chair. I have done it in super Modern Rooms, as well as super traditional. My favorite thing about the chair is we upholstered it in Metallic Zebra print. YESSSSS.


You know I love my fabrics. They really breath life  into a space. For little Mason we decided on a Navy & Grey pallette. The Ikat navy & white fabric was our base. It looks so good on the railguard with White ties. So Cute! 

We used the fabrics to set the tone for everything else, especially for the custom designed wood name plaque by Albert Tribilani. I sent him her fabrics & he painted a board to match the fabrics exactly. So sweet!

Cohn Nursery Reveal